$ sudo cat /usr/bin/me

I’m Musale Martin – a learner, problem-solver, and software engineer from Kenya, based in Nairobi.

I graduated with a BS in Mathematics & Computer Science from Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology, where I developed my love for technology and problem-solving.

I’m currently with the Automation and Data Pipelining team at Libryo. We’re helping businesses to know their regulations by collecting, tagging, summarising, and giving them notifications when it changes.

Previously, I was with Optimetriks, Gravity, and Focus Mobile – where I helped to make sending bulk SMSs faster and more efficient.

When I’m not programming the web, I listen to music and you can tell I love Rihanna 😉, I write, travel, read, and I imagine myself exercise.

Currently, I’m into interpreters, how programming languages work, and distributed systems.

Projects I’ve authored

I’ve authored or co-developed some open-source software projects. They now live on their own projects page.